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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Run #240

I ran to Starbucks this morning, and my IT band held up pretty well. It was tightening up near the end, but no actual pain, and stopping to stretch it was helpful!

I decided to walk home. It actually got pretty achy during the walk, but at the end I switched to grass instead of sidewalks, and it loosened up. I'm going to do as much grass running as I can during my runs as I continue to work through this.

Today's run made me feel like my IT band is improving even though it's a slow improvement. I'm thankful for EVERY mile I can run or walk!

Run: 2.21 miles, 23:09 (10:28/mile)
Walk: 2.29 miles, 44:15 (19:19/mile)
Total: 4.6 miles, 1:07:24 (14:39/mile)

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