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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Run #218

I had good energy tonight. It was dark though--not much moon. Some of my route was poorly-chosen with no sidewalks and too much traffic for my liking. So I slowed down when I needed to. It was a good run, but I just never feel 100% safe running at night.

I planned to go further but felt like my leg was tightening up a bit. I decided not to push it. My IT band has done so well the last couple of runs; I'd hate to irritate it again. Plus, the darkness was just annoying. It's weird--I don't mind too much running in the dark in the morning, but in the evening it freaks me out a little bit.

Looking forward to some good runs this week!

4.73 miles, 51:58 (10:59/mile)


Vixbil said...

I feel the same about the dark, mornings just feel safer..

Mark Keeler said...

I don't like to run roads at night either. But when I do, I use an Illuminate jacket that makes me glow like nuclear reactor. I prefer to stay on trails and side walks at night. Most of my "night" runs are early morning at 5 AM or so. Traffic is usually not much of an issue. Stepping on skunks is my biggest concern. I have been sprayed!