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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Run #200! Also, Nathan Trek Holster water bottle waistpack review.

Wow...run #200!

I'm not sure on my distance--it MAY have been a little further than I recorded, but I couldn't remember exactly what route I took when I came back to map it! Anyway, I needed this run. I've been so frustrated with the IT band stuff.

I took some good advice my dad gave and used a lot of my "walk breaks" to stretch, since that actually seems to help the IT band. (He actually suggested using the first walk break to stretch--but I stretched during most of my walk breaks today, because with the issues I've been having I wanted to be really sure I stayed loose.) And I ended up feeling so good that I lengthened my run (originally planned to run 30 minutes!) Hooray! As I got tighter near the end I decided to be cautious and come home...but I think my recovery from vacation is going great!

Quick review:

I used my new Nathan Trek Holster 22-ounce water bottle/waistpack today. It was a gift from my Daily Mile Secret Santa. The bottle is in the back, angled so it's easy to grab. In general I didn't find it as comfortable as my Camelbak hydration backpack since it doesn't spread the weight on as large of a square surface, but it was definitely comfy enough. I got to where I forgot it was there--and I remember that it took awhile to get used to my Camelbak, so I'll probably find this more comfortable as I wear it more. It bounced a little but that is actually a good cue to me, to have a less-bouncy stride.

What I did like is that the gear pocket in it is easier to get to than the ones in the Camelbak. Also I think it'll be great for summer, not having my back totally covered--and sometimes the straps on the Camelbak chafe me when I'm wearing sleeveless shirts, so the waistpack won't have that problem. I also appreciate that when I get home I can just take the bottle out and drink from it instead of carrying my backpack around the house to finish up my drink! And the colors (shown above, gray and light purple) are really pretty, definitely my style.

I'd feel comfortable wearing the Nathan if I'm walking around all day long, like if I'm visiting another city and doing the tourist thing. I think it stands out less than the Camelbak for non-running usage.

So the Nathan won't replace my Camelbak, but I'll switch back and forth between the two, depending on the situation. I'm glad to have it as another piece of running gear!

6.12 miles, 1:13:30 (12:00/mile)


Sam said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you are finding ways to keep stretched.

Jessica said...

Nice run! I've been thinking I need to get something to use on my long outdoor runs. Thanks for reviewing this so I can make an educated decision!