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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Run #204

The temp was about at the freezing point (cold for this area!) I bundled up, so I felt pretty warm, but it took me awhile to feel like my body could get loosened up. My upper body was actually overdressed. (I tend to forget how warm the fleece is that I was wearing--it's the liner of a ski jacket!) My toes were the only part that got pretty cold--even with toesocks on. Vibrams keep the toes separated...which means colder. Anyway, it was a very good, if slow, run.

4.83 miles, 55:26 (11:28/mile)

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Lola said...

I actually thought of you as I ran yesterday. I had my shoes on with my new YakTrax and wondered what you run in when it snows. How are Vibrams with snow/ice as far as traction?