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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Run #202

I was in the mood for a long run. I didn't plan a route, but had 10-ish miles in mind, assuming my body cooperated. But it was going so well, I decided to extend it. I was THRILLED when I came back and mapped it...a little longer than a half marathon, at a pace over 30 sec/mile faster than my race pace was!

The run/walk strategy really works for me. I did a 4 minute run/1 minute walk ratio, and I think that's a good ratio for me for long runs. I did stretch my IT band several times during walk breaks. It held up really well, getting quite a bit tighter at the end, but never cramping up. Overall, my body felt really good during the run, though I was very tired at the end. I'm definitely not fit enough for a half marathon to be "no big deal" yet...and despite my ice bath, I'll be sore tomorrow too!

13.31 miles, 2:28:46 (11:10/mile!)

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