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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Run #201

I didn't get to run early, so instead I put Zoodle (almost 3 yrs) in the jogging stroller and took Chickie (almost 5 yrs) along for the run. She had a hard time--we've never gone this far before--but I was so proud! She rode in the stroller about half a mile in the middle, but the rest of the time she ran and walked. She said she never wants to go that far again!

It's a lot harder running with the stroller (especially that half mile with BOTH kids)--all the resistance, plus the altered running form. I won't do it often, but it was a good change today--and a good way to get in my workout and spend time with the kids.

3.1 miles, 47:45 (15:24/mile)--This is actually a great pace for Chickie, and it was fast enough to give me a good cardio workout with the added resistance of the stroller.

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