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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Run #162

Chickie and I ran to and from the donut shop to get a Sunday morning treat. She did GREAT on this run! I'm proud of her! I went barefoot (except in & around the donut shop, wearing my ZEMs.) Chickie wore her water shoes on the way there and wanted to go barefoot on the way back. I'll probably start often taking her on Sundays. Having a 4-year-old to run with is a great way to make my "recovery run" (the day after my long run) nice and slow; plus, she enjoys it, and it's so good for her.

1.51 miles, 28 minutes (18:32/mile)


Vixbil said...

Wow how cool that Chickie runs with you, does she manage all the way? I'd actually love to take William with me, he's 6 but I have never even thought about doing it??

C. Beth said...

Vixbil--She is slow but she can manage 1.5 miles with that little break in the middle (at the donut shop.) If it's all at once, 1.5 is a bit far but she can definitely do a mile.