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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Run #153

HOORAY! I spent a LOT of time using my foam roller before the run, and my IT band/quads were FINE! My arches were fine too. When I started to barely feel one of them twinge, I just had to make that little form change--landing more on the outside of my sole--and I was okay. My Achilles tendons have been tender lately, but I think my form has improved, and they seem to loosen up through my runs, so I hope they'll be fine soon, just a matter of time. At this point they aren't a huge issue at all during my runs.

I'm THRILLED that I could go 3 3/4 miles barefoot! And at a pace that's better than usual! Yay. :) I need to find a 5K soon (to do either barefoot or minimalist, whatever I feel like doing.)

3.77 miles, 42:39 (11:18/mile)

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