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Monday, January 18, 2010

Run #36: 5K

Another 5K! I routed a 5K map through my neighborhood. (Saturday's route was mostly outside the neighborhood, on some busier streets.) In my neighborhood I can take my dog without worrying about traffic since I can stay on sidewalks the whole time (except when crossing streets or going around annoying cars parked at the ends of driveways, covering the sidewalk. Grr.)

Yes, I'm still running with the dog, some of the time. I'm trying to focus on watching him more so I don't trip on him again.

Today's pace was 10:48 per mile, almost exactly what it was Saturday. Maybe another plateau, but what I found at my last plateau (a little over 11:00 per mile) was that after a few runs at that pace, I was able to improve my pace without really trying. So my body just needs to get a little stronger to get down to 10:30 and then down to 10:00.

This route included a lot of hills, which I've decided I kind of like. The uphill parts are so hard! But the "break" downhill is so nice.

Another boot camp this morning! I hope I did enough squats & lunges at home to prevent me being so sore afterward this time.

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Autumn said...

Boot camp? Where are you taking boot camp exercises? It's times like this that I wish the "big city" wasnt so far away!! I can't even do a normal yoga class without having to drive 40 minutes each direction, gah! But you defiantly have me eying the whole couch to 5K program, and it's something I am looking into!!