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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Run #34

So, I went to a "boot camp" workout Monday. I plan to go every Monday if I can work it out with my schedule--it's ladies-only, and it's free, including free childcare.

What's not to love?

My thighs answered that question Tuesday. I had no idea how many times a day I have to get down on the floor with my kids--and back up again--until my burning, post-workout quads counted for me. Not to mention the stairs.

I'm so glad I ran today, though. I was not running for speed today. My legs were still sore (though thankfully less than yesterday.) My goal was just to keep going, so that I could loosen up those muscles. My pace was over a minute per mile slower than it had been on Monday, but that's okay. It was a nice, fairly easy run, and my legs felt a whole lot better after the run than before it.

I think I'd better do some squats and lunges before next week's class though. The pain is worth the gain, but I'd prefer to feel a little better next Tuesday!

Next run...my first 5K on Saturday!

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