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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Run #198

Nice out of town run! I live at about 1000 feet elevation, and Albuquerque is at over 5,000 feet. There was a challenging long incline near the beginning of the run. Elevation + incline = me feeling like I've never run before. :) Once I got past that incline, I was warmed up, and the rest of the run went really well.

I'm surprised at my pace (assuming I mapped the run correctly!) My April 10K race was at 10:55/mile, running the whole way and really pushing during much of the last 2/3 of the race. Today I was not pushing myself to go quickly. The run/walk strategy continues to improve my performance, even if it does still sorta feel like cheating! Today I did a few different ratios...5:1, 4:1, 3:1, then back to 4:1 for the majority of the run. With the thin air, I was glad I was already planning to take walk breaks, because...boy did I need them.

6.93 miles, 1:15:18 (10:51/mile)

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Carl Sheeler said...

Hey Beth!

I hope you enjoyed ABQ. The elevation is something to get used to isn't it? I live No. of the city and love the air.

Sara Lord