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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run #194

After hearing fellow runners from Barefoot Runners Society sing the praises of the Galloway trainig method, I decided to try a run/walk combo (running 4 minutes, walking 1) today, and I loved it! I could really push my speed so much more than usual during the running portions because I knew a walk was coming up. That's a decent 6 mile pace for me--faster than most of my 5-7 mile training runs (though slower than race pace.)

I feel like this was a lot easier on my legs too because I wasn't using the same muscles for an hour straight--those walk portions really helped me stay loose! My IT band felt tight at times but never cramped up--it loosened up while I walked.

I think this run/walk thing will work well for me, and if it's improving my training pace, I bet my race pace will improve too.

6.13 miles, 1:08:57 (11:14/mile)

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Ashli Moore said...

So glad to hear you are grooving on the run/walk/run...as you know, I love this method. Congrats on a great run!