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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Run #52

Sometimes running is just hard! Hubby and I went out to the hike/bike trail around the lake where our hotel is, downtown. And I just didn't feel that great today. So my first mile pace was good but it was downhill from there. (Pace on 3.13 mile course: 11:07 per mile. Total course length was longer with warm-up and cool-down walks.)

I was frustrated, but you know what? I feel better now than I would have if I hadn't gotten out there this morning. I'm more fit now, and more prepared for my next run, than I would have been if I hadn't gotten out there this morning. Even a "bad run" is a good workout!

I have been running for 4 months now, and my endurance is still building up, so I'm still affected a lot by my energy level, quality of sleep, etc. I'm consistent, though, three times a week. I'll keep up the consistency--the endurance will follow.

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Call Me Cate said...

Good for you going out to run this morning. Especially when you didn't particularly feel like it AND since rumor has it you were gone WITHOUT THE KIDS!!!