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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run #43

I'm not sure why I haven't been able to run the full 3 miles the last couple of times. I have all sorts of possible reasons--getting over a cold, a route I'm not crazy about (flat, to make sure my IT band doesn't hurt), physical and emotional fatigue.

I guess I just need to keep trying to run a little further than the time before, and keep going the whole route as I've been doing, even when I have to walk part of it. I'm glad my pace is still okay; maybe when I get back up to running the whole way (next week?) my pace will be awesome. We'll see! I'm going to STICK WITH IT even though I've been having trouble with energy and motivation during the run.

11:04 pace, slightly better than Thursday.

Edited to add: I used the mapping feature on Daily Mile to determine that I ran 1.84 miles before starting to walk today. (I did a combo of walking and running after that.) I did that 1.84 miles in about 18:48, which is a pace of 10:12, quite a bit faster than my overall pace on my running-only 5K workouts. So, maybe part of my problem is just having a hard time pacing myself--which makes it especially difficult when my energy is low. I think next time I run (probably Tuesday) I'll really focus on going slowly so that I can go further.

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