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C. Beth run.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 7 Day 3

2.01 miles today, pace 12:31/mile.

This run was actually enjoyable. I think keeping my pace consistent was immensely helpful too. Saturday I started too fast and that's part of what made it so hard.

I usually listen to podcasts as I run. Saturday I had music on instead, and I think I automatically adjusted my pace to the music. Not good. I went back to a podcast today, and that was a good thing. I mean, hearing about Raptor Rex on Quirks and Quarks doesn't inspire me to run at any particular speed; I can keep the pace I feel comfortable with!

I know this makes me a little weird, since most people listen to actual music while they run. But I prefer to think I'm just unique.

I'm ready to add three more minutes on Wednesday! And I'm so glad today's run was so positive; after Saturday's I was kind of dreading today. My good attitude is back now!

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