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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Run #249

Walked for most of the first half, and then realized I needed to go a little faster to get home in time for hubs to leave for work! So I started alternating sprint intervals & walking. My leg feels good when I'm sprinting. Overall my IT band was just feeling a little off today, and I think all the walking with a bit of sprinting was a good combo. (When I tried to run more slowly my IT band quickly got that "barely achy" feeling so I stopped.)

After my next run I'll determine whether or not to check out that chiropractor my friend has been telling me about.

I'm considering this a run even though I walked for so much of it. I figure I got training and cardio benefits from the sprint intervals.

2.8 miles, 37:30 (13:23/mile)

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Anonymous said...

What is an IT band?