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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A nice walk

Well, my leg CONTINUED to hurt all week--I haven't run since last Thursday. I decided it's silly to just stay home; I'll walk instead of running while this is healing. Being on my feet (not running) seems to help me get better.... I was doing great after 10 1/2 miles at Relay for Life! So I think walking is an excellent recovery option.

I have a new running partner--excited about that! Well, for now she's a walking partner.... She doesn't mind walking once a week, as past foot surgery has left her limited on how much she can run anyway. So we did a nice walk. I got my exercise in, felt like my leg loosened up, and enjoyed a nice morning.

A friend has told me about great success she had at a chiropractor for her ITBS. I've been hesitant to go back for more work on it because with our health insurance, doctor visit costs add up very fast (high deductible.) But I plan to try to run again when this is definitely feeling good, and if it's not really doing well by Run #250 I'll probably try her doctor.

3 miles(ish), 50 minutes(ish)

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