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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 2 Day 2 (Take 2)

The workout went well today! I'm glad I'm redoing this week and think that by Monday I'll be ready for Week 3.

But...note to Self: If running at 3 p.m., put on sunscreen. Remember, Self, you have fair skin and even 25 minutes in the sun in the middle of the afternoon is not a good idea.

(The Engineer was out of town this morning but back home this afternoon, so this was the best time to run. I didn't enjoy the sunny, 73 degree weather, and I'm thinking that since I really don't like working out in the "heat"...I may need to buy a treadmill before next summer. Geez, you would never know I'd grown up in Arizona!)

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Dina said...

About a year and a half ago, I started out running exactly the way you're doing it. I think it's the best and smartest way to go about it. Now after training for three half marathons, I love that I view 3-mile runs as short runs. Of course, that doesn't mean that for about the first mile I don't have to talk myself out of stopping. It takes my mind and body about a mile to warm up to the idea of running - LOL. But, you just can't beat that runner's high and sense of accomplishment at the end. :)